The robbery took place just five days after the offender was released on parole.
The robbery took place just five days after the offender was released on parole. My Police

'I'll cut your throat': Bundy armed cabbie attacker jailed

A SCREWDRIVER and a serrated knife were the weapons of choice for a Bundy man as he committed a string of menacing crimes and even led police on a chase.

Father-of-two Patrick Braeden Harris, 24, yesterday pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court to armed robbery, attempted armed robbery with wounding, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, dangerous operation of car, wilful damage and failing to stop a vehicle.

But defence barrister Callan Cassidy argued his client, who had been dealing with drug issues since he was 14, had the motivation to rehabilitate in the form of a young family.

Watching Harris in the dock was his girlfriend, who cried as she watched the father of her children learn the consequence of his crimes.

The court heard the armed robbery on April 22 had taken place just five days after Harris had been released on parole.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook said Harris chatted with a young man before pulling a screwdriver and demanding his phone and wallet.

Harris said he would "kill" the man if he didn't hand over his wallet, before taking the cards and saying he could have the wallet back because he was "feeling nice".

"He (Harris) said 'don't say anything or I'll find you and kill you, I know where you sleep ... don't go out in Bundaberg alone at night'," Mr Cook said.

On May 6 at 12.50am, Harris failed to stop for police after "borrowing a car and failing to return it".

"He drove on the wrong side of the road ... soon after police found the abandoned car and when he was arrested in May he said he couldn't remember what happened."

Mr Cassidy admitted Harris's memory had been marred by "intoxication by drugs".

Just 10 days later, Harris's crimes took a serious turn.

Harris hailed a maxi taxi at Hinkler Central at 6.50pm, saying his partner had a large pram and she needed to be picked up.

After acting suspiciously he asked the driver if he'd cash a $100 note, before leaning over to the driver, pulling his shirt and holding a serrated knife to his neck.

"Give me your money c--t or I'll cut your throat," Harris told the driver - before the driver grabbed the knife, cutting his own hand in an effort to defend himself from Harris.

Harris then ran away, with the taxi driver following, before he slipped away into a storm drain.

"The driver has had a change of profession because of the incident," Mr Cook said.

Mr Cassidy acknowledged Harris had no "benefit as a young first time offender".

Harris was sentenced to four years imprisonment, with a parole eligibility date of December 20.