Kobie and Ellie-May Light shopping for their back to school supplies at the School Savvy Pop-up Shop.
Kobie and Ellie-May Light shopping for their back to school supplies at the School Savvy Pop-up Shop.

Ideas brew for next year’s School Savvy pop-up shop

SCHOOL Savvy is replenishing its stock after the first day of the pop-up shop, as families pour in to utilise the service.

Day one of the initiative saw 170 people enter in the first five minutes and it only got busier from there, with 270 people coming through the door in the first hour.

CentacareCQ Business Development Co-ordinator Maija Stewart said the huge number of attendees meant that supplies were already running low after the first day.

“We restocked this morning and bought more, Officeworks has been really supportive and giving us good prices.”

Attendee of the shop, Bec Light said the pop-up came as a relief to her family.

“Because of Christmas and even the cost of everyday living it just builds up, there is a lot on school lists and this makes everything so much cheaper than the shops.”

“The kids have loved coming along and picking things out, we will definitely be back next year.”

Ms Stewart said she was motivated to run the pop-up in order to help families trying to make ends meet.

“I think it is all about community and when you work in a community service space I think you should give something back,” she said.

“We have had people wanting to put things on hold when they can’t pay for it and someone in the queue has just paid for it, it is heartwarming and we have also had people coming back and donating items themselves.”

CentacareCQ Risk and Innovation team leader Leisa Kilsby added, ”we are essentially living our mission by putting this on”

Ms Kilsby said they were already planning to make it bigger and better next year with new ideas brewing.

“In Yeppoon this year someone is volunteering their time to mend uniforms so that’s definitely something we thought was brilliant to try and do next year at the other ones.”

The School Savvy pop-up will continue to run at the Civic Centre until Friday from 9am to 4pm, donations can be dropped off outside.