OUR SAY: Ice forum just the start to a solution

THE Bundaberg NewsMail and the IWC have been working together to combat ice use in the community for close to six months now.

Today's story of about an ice user who lost everything shows it's not just the down-and-outers who get addicted to the drug.

Many in the community are finding themselves addicted to ice

Steve said he was grateful for the support of his family and friends, but was critical of the "almost non-existent" level of treatment services in the Bundaberg region for people who are substance users.

He said the lack of services around treatment for alcohol and other drugs in the Bundaberg region formed a major barrier to anyone seeking to break out of the substance-abuse cycle.

"Something has to be done to help people around here," he said.

I agree, something has to be done to break the ice in Bundaberg. That's why the NewsMail has teamed up with the IWC to hold an ice forum on Thursday.

We need a community-based solution we all can get behind to help slow this epidemic.