Mum-of-six Pippa Edwards is determined to see her children grow up, and says she's in for the fight of her life.
Mum-of-six Pippa Edwards is determined to see her children grow up, and says she's in for the fight of her life.

‘I will live’: Mum-of-six determined to defy the odds

AFTER months of pain and receiving very few answers, mother of six Pippa Edwards was hit with the devastating news: she had just weeks to live.

Pippa's been diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of stomach cancer. But as far as Pippa's concerned, she's in it for the long haul.

She said she's determined to see her children grow up.

"I'm in for the fight of my life," Pippa said.

"I said to the doctors, no I'm not accepting that. Miracles happen all the time in medicine. I believe I will live."

It all began in January when Pippa was working full time with the business she owns with husband Michael - Lite Moves Furniture Removals.

She was fit and running up to 10km a day when she was struck down with digestive issues.

Doctors told her she had irritable bowel syndrome but as the months wore on, the stomach pains worsened.

When she was correctly diagnosed in August the cancer had already spread.

"It's shocking and it's disappointing. I'd been seeing doctors for seven months," she said.

"Then to be told you only have weeks to live - it's a shock."

Pippa has since been referred to palliative care and, after spending some time recovering in Sydney, her health is finally at a stage where she can undergo chemotherapy.

She will receive the treatment for 12 weeks and hopes after that she will undergo a relatively new surgery in Sydney.

Pippa and Michael are determined to find treatments to prolong her life, and have set up a GoFundMe page.

In less than two weeks, the local family have already raised $14,000.

Pippa's situation has hit home for many people who have left messages of hope on the fundraising page.

"As another mum I wish you strength in recovery, because I dare say your babies are at the forefront of your mind. You've got this," wrote Sarah Cavanagh.

"My heart aches for this young mum. Having recently done treatment for cancer, my heart is full of support and love for her and family. If we can alleviate some stress, blessed be," wrote Kay Hehir.

Lalaland Moonee Beach will be holding a fundraiser for Pippa and her family on Saturday, October 5. Everyone is invited to bring the kids for a play anytime between 5.30pm-8.30pm, and all proceeds will be donated to the family.