Stolen car crash victim
Stolen car crash victim

‘I was worried about the pain’: Crash victim relives horror

The smell of burning rubber and the crunch of metal brought back haunting memories for a Townsville woman whose Sunday drive to the markets took a terrifying turn.

Tanya Brabon, 49, thought she was safe while cruising through a green light on Ross River Rd when a car, allegedly stolen and driven by a juvenile, appeared in front of her SUV without warning.

She slammed her foot on the brake but it was too late.

"I saw the car two seconds before I hit it … it all happened so fast," she said.

"You never expect something like that to happen to you." Police confirmed the car, a blue sedan, was one of two vehicles stolen from an Idalia home on Saturday and was involved in multiple fuel drive-offs before the crash.

The incident comes as car thefts in Townsville have increased by 81 per cent in the past nine years, with juveniles the most likely offenders according to annual crime statistics.

Two juveniles, aged 15 and 16, ran from the crash scene about 10am and hid from police for more than an hour while Mrs Brabon sat in shock inside her mangled car.

"I started hyperventilating and was worried about the pain coming from my foot," she said.

Mrs Brabon feared she had suffered the same injuries caused in a serious crash on Ingham Rd more than 20 years ago. Those horrific memories still lived with her and were compounded at the moment of impact in the middle of the busy Bamford Ln intersection.

Mrs Brabon managed to get out of her car, with the help of her husband Terry, and only started to understand the enormity of the situation when she heard police chatter about tracking the juvenile suspects.

Despite her pain, Mrs Brabon said maternal instincts took over and she couldn't help but wonder if the children had also been hurt.

Mrs Brabon was whisked away to hospital where doctors discovered she had suffered ligament and tendon damage to her foot.

She spent her first day of holidays away from her job in sales using crutches and putting her feet up.

Speaking with the Townsville Bulletin yesterday from her home, Mrs Brabon said she only felt disappointment about the situation. "I was so angry. It was lucky my daughter was not in the car," she said.

"You hear about crime all the time but being on the other end of it is simply not fair on anybody."

The juveniles faced Townsville Children's Court yesterday charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle, among other offences.

They were remanded in custody until their next court appearance on April 9.

Originally published as 'I was worried about the pain': Crash victim relives horror