Justin Earth was fined for waving fighting sticks at Cotton Tree esplanade.
Justin Earth was fined for waving fighting sticks at Cotton Tree esplanade.

‘I was exercising’: Man with fighting sticks scares patrons

A man who was waving fighting sticks near cafe patrons told a court he was simply trying to improve his shoulder and wrist strength.

Justin Human Earth, 47, decided the best place for his unusual exercise regimen was outside Coast cafes.

Police prosecutor Lee Allan told Maroochydore Magistrates Court police were called to attend Cotton Tree Esplanade on September 8 at noon.

"Numerous calls of service were received about a person acting in a disorderly manner among cafe patrons waving fighting sticks in the air," he said.

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The court heard police found Earth holding a bottle of beer, and he appeared to be affected by alcohol.

He told police he was waving the sticks around but never hit or threatened anyone.

The court heard reports from witnesses who said Earth was approaching people and yelling at them, causing several to feel uncomfortable and leave.

"It was also confirmed that the defendant was waving the sticks around in such a way that pedestrians were taking a wide berth and crossing the street to avoid the threat of the twirling sticks," Senior Constable Allan said.

Earth pleaded guilty by writing in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Monday to committing public nuisance.

"I was just twirling a stick for help with my shoulder and wrist strength," he said in his letter to the court.

"I had no bad intentions to scare anyone, I was exercising."

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said Earth was lucky not to be charged with going armed as to cause fear.

"How can he go to a cafe to exercise his shoulder, what a good plan," he said.

"It's a serious public nuisance really, it's at the upper end."

Earth was fined $400.

No conviction was recorded.