Man jailed for drunken crash with kids in car

A Childers man facing charges over a drunken crash with his children in the car has expressed to the court that he was "extremely ashamed" of his behaviour.

Keiran Leslie Staples pleaded guilty in the Childers Magistrate Court on Friday to driving while under the influence of liquor or drug and driving while disqualified from holding/obtaining a drivers licence in Childers earlier this year.

The court heard he struck parked vehicle on North St, Childers, at 7.30pm on January 22 while driving with his two children in the car, damaging the front of his vehicle.

Police prosecutorBalan Selvadurai said after continuing to drive and then park at his address, Staples exited the vehicle, went inside and "passed out on the couch" where police later found him when they attended his home for a welfare check.

Staples' Legal Aid lawyer said the defendant was "extremely ashamed of his behaviour" and couldn't really explain it other than there was an incident at the residence where he felt the need to leave with the children but that was "clouded by alcohol".

The court heard Staples now accepted he was an alcoholic and was trying to get assistance.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler said this was Staples' third "UIL-type offence" within five years and fourth drink driving offence within five years.

Taking into account his plea of guilty and that Staples was taking steps towards rehabilitation, Mr Fowler said he was required to hand down a sentence of imprisonment with regards to the driving under the influence charge.

"What I'm going to do Mr Staples is order a period of imprisonment on an order that you be released on parole today," he said.

"Now that's the part that you want to hear," he said.

"But what I can tell you Mr Staples, and if I say something that's not correct you'll see Mr Ryan have a troubled look on his face or he'll speak to you afterwards, but what you're slowly doing is you're funnelling the options that the court have in sentencing you.

"I'm only here to determine what I'm dealing with today, I'm not suggesting you will be back, I'm not saying what will occur the next occasion if you are back; but what you're doing and you heard me say that I must imprison you today - must.

"[You] probably haven't heard that before, it's probably been threatened or discussed, but I must do it …"

In relation to the charge for disqualified driving Staples was fined $1000 which was referred to SPER, he was disqualified from holding/obtaining a drivers licence for a period of two years.

In relation to the charge of driving under the influence of liquor he was sentenced to a period of nine months imprisonment, with immediate parole.

He was also disqualified from holding/obtaining a drivers licence for a period of two years, to be served cumulatively.