Courtney and Hans were torn apart by the decision.
Courtney and Hans were torn apart by the decision.

‘I feel betrayed’: Block team’s pool plans sabotaged

IT'S week five on The Block and things are heating up, with a friendship between two couples coming to a screeching halt after a dispute over a pool.

On Monday night's episode, Norm and Jess revealed plans to up the stakes in their penthouse by installing a pool on their terrace.

There was only one problem; the couple needed access to neighbours Courtney and Hans' apartment in order to get their pool installed.

Despite Norm and Jess offering to pay them $2000 for access, Courtney and Hans felt uncomfortable with their proposition, arguing the pair should put the pool to a vote in a body corporate meeting.

Taken aback, Jess and Norm asked Courtney and Hans to keep their plans secret while they decided.


"I'm not a big believer in you need to strip others down to win The Block but if that's how other people want to play the game then that is okay, good luck to them," Jess fumed afterwards to producers.

"I feel a bit betrayed … to me it was a very selfishly driven conversation."

Norm added: "What shocks me a little bit is that they feel they need to go talk to the other contestants about it when it doesn't affect any of the other contestants.

"We will work out a way we can still put a pool in."

Concerned, Courtney and Hans decided to consult Hayden and Sara - who responded with trademark candour during an interview with producers.

Sara’s mind was already made up: ‘Just say no! No!’
Sara’s mind was already made up: ‘Just say no! No!’

Hayden: "If I was in Courtney and Hans' position, knowing that we don't know what the market is going to do by the time we sell these, it could be all working for nothing unless someone wins and that would be …"

Sara: "Just say no! No!"

Hayden: "I was just trying to explain it."

Sara: "You don't need to."
Hayden (storming off in a huff): "Well, you do the interview by yourself."

On the warpath, Sara decided to reveal the not-so-secret plans for a penthouse pool to Kerrie and Spence … who were surprisingly relaxed about it all.

Jess’s face said it all.
Jess’s face said it all.

"If they want to do it, they should just go for it, we're not bothered," Kerrie replied, enraging Sara, who felt letting them have a pool would given them an $100,000 advantage.

With the pool plans well and truly out in the open, Norm and Jess confronted Courtney and Hans, telling them their reluctance to give an answer confirmed their decision.

"If you guys need to talk to other people on The Block to make a decision about your patio then obviously the answer is no," Jess said.

Afterwards, a crushed Hans admitted their actions have "probably hurt them pretty bad" and it had likely ended their friendship with Jess and Norm.

"(This is) f***ing awful," Courtney sobbed. "We are awful people because it's on us."

But Courtney and Hans shouldn't have been too worried, with Norm and Jess determined to find a way to get their pool.

Enlisting the help of engineer Doug, the couple made plans to add steel to their concrete base to support a pool without needing their neighbours' help.


- The Block airs 7.30pm Monday to Wednesday and 7pm Sundays on Nine.

Well that went well …
Well that went well …
Courtney and Hans were torn apart by the decision.
Courtney and Hans were torn apart by the decision.