Dave Hughes. Supplied by Network Ten.
Dave Hughes. Supplied by Network Ten.

Hughes all set to make Bundy laugh

WHEN a young Dave Hughes delivered a speech in religious class and had his fellow students in stitches, he knew he wanted to become a comedian.

"I took the piss out of religious education," Hughes said.

"I cracked the whole class up and I thought 'I've got something here'.

"And I was not the most popular kid in school by any stretch of the imagination."

Hughes failed the class but got top marks from his fellow students.

The 43-year-old has worn many hats in his life, including radio and TV host, but returned to his first love of stand-up earlier this year.

"Comedy has really been therapy for me," he said.

"I joked about being on the dole and it was embarrassing to be on the dole.

"But to get on stage and make jokes about it lightened the load."

Hughes took his inspiration from American comedian Sam Kinison, known for his intense, harsh and politically incorrect humour.

"The honesty of his act was what amused me," he said.

"He talked about things that were going horribly wrong in his life."

Hughes said it was the encouragement from other comedians such as the late Dave Grant that got him through the early days.

"I still remember to this day how generous he was in praising me as a new comic," he said.

"It means a lot to young comedians and I should do more of it myself."

Now a veteran, Hughes said he still took the time to learn about his craft - honed for more than two decades.

"I read something comedian Louis CK said recently which helped me," he said.

"Each night he'll have the idea for the joke but he won't say it word for word.

"Coming at the story from a different angle gives the joke a new energy every night, which I love."

Hughes will perform at the Moncrieff Theatre on Saturday, November 1.