NEW SERVICE: Alan Macgillivray at AIM Hearing, which will officially open next week.
NEW SERVICE: Alan Macgillivray at AIM Hearing, which will officially open next week. Mike Knott BUN190819AIM2

'Huge gap': New Bundy health service opens doors

AIM Hearing will officially open next week but director and clinical audiometrist, Alan Macgillivray said his customers are at the forefront of his mind, so he will have his doors open all week to answer enquiries, arrange appointments and set up clients.

After noticing the need for hearing protection and specialists, particularly in a regional and agricultural predominant area, Mr Macgillivray decided to open his own Bundaberg clinic.

"There was a huge gap in hearing protection where specialists were happy to fix it when it was busted, but no one was willing to stop it from happening," he said.

"One in six Australians over the age of 55 suffer from some form of hearing loss and in agricultural areas, where farming is so predominant, that can drop down to one in four, so hearing prevention and rehabilitation, particularly in regional areas is really important."

Mr Macgillivray said he also wanted to reduce the frustration of clients by offering the proper support and education that they deserve.

"I will be there from the start of the journey to the very end and will be counselling my clients through the entire process," he said.

"So many of my clients have told me that they gave up on using their hearing aids after a week because the suppliers didn't properly explain that their ears need to adjust to the noise frequency before it will sound normal and because they don't know this, they end up chucking the hearing aids in the drawer."

Offering a range of services, Mr Macgillivray will provide private and pensioner hearing tests and is also the only qualified hearing specialist in town that performs wax removal, using micro suction and conducts on-site noise testing for commercial and industrial businesses.

"I'm a Bundy local and I've pretty much been here my entire life, so AIM Hearing is an independent, Bundaberg owned, Bundaberg operated business," he said.

"This means I have access to most hearing aid brands and major manufacturers, so I can make recommendations based on what the client requires for their specific case."


Aim Hearing is located at Shop 1A, 1 Heidke St, Bundaberg and appointments can be made by calling 4153-1317 or emailing

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