A screenshot of the Energy Made Easy website.
A screenshot of the Energy Made Easy website.

How you can compare CQ power prices

SAVVY homeowners in Central Queensland can ensure they are getting the best deal on their electricity and gas instantly, with significant price differences across the region on natural gas, via the government website Energy Made Easy.

Operated by the Australian Energy Regulator AER, which is part of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the website covers the entire country and allows users to break down inquiries into electricity or gas only, and electricity and gas combined.

The site also offers tools to help you compare gas and electricity retailers and the average electricity usage of households in your area.

A home with both peak and off peak electricity pricing, and four or five occupants, based on no previous bills, without a smart meter, solar panels or a pool, through Ergon Energy in Gladstone, Rockhampton or Bundaberg recorded a yearly price of $2110.

The same inquiry, with a pay on time discount through direct debit, using alternative supplier Globird, resulted in a yearly cost of $2160, or $2350 without the discounts.

Natural gas had significant price variations.

Homes with four or five people in Bundaberg, with reticulated natural gas supply will pay $520 per year through Origin Energy.

In Gladstone, the same home will pay $820 with Origin Energy or $810 with Globird.

While Rockhampton had five natural gas supplier options ranging from $700 per year with Globird, to $780 a year with Origin.

The AER regulates wholesale and retail energy markets, and energy networks, under national energy legislation and rules.

To compare the prices visit www.energymadeeasy.gov.au.