Janet Napolitano official portrait
Janet Napolitano official portrait Wikimedia Commons

How to get to the top in US, don’t read email

DO YOU feel like the majority of your work day is taken up by emails?

America's Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stunned reporters when she revealed that she doesn't believe in email and hasn't used it since she was the Attorney General of Arizona more than 10 years ago.

"I think email just sucks up time," she said at a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor.

"In many respects, in a job like mine, it's inefficient.

"In this job, which has a hundred thousand different things that happen on any given day, it allows me to focus on where I need to focus."

Napolitano also revealed she does not use Twitter or text, preferring to do much of her communication via phone.

Of course, it helps that she has a team of White House staffers who update her and, presumably, do a lot of emailing themselves.