SAUSAGE expert Bob Imhoff has cooked tens of thousands of sausages in his time.

For nearly 20 years the Rotary Club of Booval member has been the master of the Bunnings snag and he's developed enough sausage skills to overcome the 'Bunnings sausage saga'.

Bob is the star of a social media video in which he explains how to construct the perfect sausage sandwich, even with the onion on the bottom.

It comes as the national retailer earlier this month stipulated onions must be under the sausage to prevent safety hazards.

With his beard in a neat pony tail, Bob demonstrates 'how to prepare a sausage on bread the proper way'.

"First you fold it down nicely so it forms a little V, then you get some onions, not too many, and spread them on the bread," he said in the video.

"Next you receive your sausage and put them on top of the onions such as Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

"Then you choose your sauce and squirt said sauce on the sausage. This is the correct way you do it according to Bunnings.

SAUSAGE SAGA: Booval Rotarian Bob Imhoff is a sausage sizzle expert.
SAUSAGE SAGA: Booval Rotarian Bob Imhoff is a sausage sizzle expert. Contributed

"You can also buy anti-skid onion shoes for $19.95 or the official Bunnings bib so you don't spread sausage and onion all over the place."

Bob said the onion location had little impact on his sausage craft.

"The changes have had no impact on us but apparently somebody slipped on some onion. Now we have to put it on the bottom at Bunnings," he said.

"I don't think it makes any difference, you can still taste the onion and still taste the sausage.

"People can't seem to be able to get used to it when it's normally on top."

Bob, 64, has been a Rotarian for 17 years.

He says he cooks a barbecue about every three months and makes more than 500 sausages every time.

He estimates he's cooked close to 40,000 in his time as a Rotarian.

He said funds raised from Rotary barbecues were used for charities including drought relief, polio eradication, homeless support services and children's leadership programs.

"We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years," he said.

Bob said the club was open to new members.

"I just wanted to give back to people and support other Australians. I like the fellowship and being able to help other Australians," he said.

"We are only a small club of seven so we are looking for more people all the time. If anybody want to join and give back to the public and people in need or help others, it's worthwhile being a member.

"We are a little club but with big ambitions and big hearts so we need as many people as we can."

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