Katherina Leigh Randel's life turned upside down after she tried methamphetamine for the first time.
Katherina Leigh Randel's life turned upside down after she tried methamphetamine for the first time. Facebook

How one taste of meth changed my life forever

JUST one hit of meth sent a well-educated woman from a good family on a downward spiral which came to a head with her sitting in a jail cell facing serious criminal charges.

By all accounts, Katherina Leigh Randel, 21, was an every-day contributing member of society.

She had a good upbringing in a sometimes strict household, with a supportive mother who raised her alone after her father's death in 2003.

Randel graduated Year 12, worked from her early teens and went onto to complete a Certificate III in early childhood education which became her career for a time until she worked for Apex as a book-keeper in early 2018.

That all changed in April when she started dating a man who had a secret addiction to methamphetamine.

Four weeks into their relationship, Randel took the drug for the first time with his help.

According to Randel's lawyer Rosie Killip, her descent into addiction was "quick" and "intense".

Within five months, Randel had committed 30 offences which she pleaded guilty to Maroochydore Magistrates Court.

The court heard Randel's first offence involved her being pulled over after driving in and out of traffic.

She was unsteady on her feet and admitted to being on amphetamines and meth, 5.6g of which was found in her possession.

A month later, she failed to stop for police and once officers caught up to her they found instructions on how to produce drugs in a notebook in her possession.

Then in September she was found in possession of a stolen car with hand-drawn number plates, drugs, spray paint and fireworks in hotel.

Randel was "struggling to come to terms with her actions", according to Ms Killip.

Ms Killip passionately argued her client should be released to probation so she could get the help she needed to turn her life around and "explore" how she was able to get addicted to drugs so suddenly.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan accepted Ms Killip's submissions and sentenced Randel to two years' probation.

She will be released from custody after serving 50 days for failing to stop, less the 33 days she's already served.