How botched penis enlargement got asylum seeker into Oz


AN ASYLUM seeker who botched his DIY penis enlargement by injecting himself with palm oil has been transferred to Australia under Labor's controversial medevac laws so he can have a genital reconstruction.

In a sensational example of how broadly Labor's Medevac laws are being applied by doctors, it can be revealed the Iranian man will get the specialised, expensive surgery at a private hospital in southeast Queensland, with Australian taxpayers picking up the tab.

A female doctor in Australia ordered the Iranian national, who was in Port Moresby, receive the surgery after he experienced swelling, discomfort and limited function.

The proponents of the Medevac laws, pushed through the past Parliament by Labor and a number of independent crossbenchers, including Kerryn Phelps, who lost her seat of Wentworth in the May election, argued the legislation was needed for "seriously ill people". Labor home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally said the Medevac laws are working and do not need to change. However, the Morrison Government is determined to repeal the laws and will urge the Senate to do so in the last two sitting weeks of the year.

The man, in his mid-30s, racked up almost 50 incidents while in PNG, and was arrested for throwing boiling water on a security guard.

In another outburst he was charged for punching a security officer who confiscated the pornography he was watching. The magistrate dismissed the charges.

It is understood Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton approved the transfer last month because of the limited grounds he has under Medevac to stop accused criminals from coming to Australia when surgery cannot be done abroad.

The man has been in southeast Queensland for three weeks, where he is in detention and receiving treatment before the surgery is scheduled. A reconstruction could cost more than $10,000. He arrived by boat in 2013 and was transferred from Christmas Island to PNG. The Sunday Mail understands the man is engaged in the US resettlement process but has failed to attend numerous appointments.

Taxpayers are now facing an indefinite cost for the man given there is no explicit return mechanism for those who have been transferred under Medevac laws.

He is one of hundreds of men on PNG who have injected substances into their penises to make them bigger.

A spokeswoman for Mr Dutton would not comment.