How a ‘stuff up’ led to $1.6m Lotto win

TWO South Australian workmates who mistakenly bought identical Lotto tickets have each won more than $1.5 million in what one has described as "the greatest stuff up in the world".

The friends from Goolwa, who have alternated buying a Saturday X-Lotto ticket every week for several years, forgot whose turn it was and so both ended up purchasing an entry.

Both selected their usual six numbers - 12, 21, 10, 2, 1 and 42 - resulting in more than a slice of good fortune.

They each scooped the division one prize of $1,666,666.67 during last Saturday's draw.

One of the winners - both of whom declined to be identified - said the pair was "absolutely rapt" with their windfall.

"We take turns buying the entry each week. My mate thought it was his turn last week, but it was actually mine and I'd already put it on," the man said.

"It's incredible that the week we both end up with a ticket, thanks to a mistake, is the week our numbers are drawn.

"And if you knew the two of us, the more likely scenario is that the week our numbers are pulled out of the barrel is the week we'd both forget to buy a ticket."

The other winner said: "This is the greatest stuff up in the world."

"It was a good week to mess up, wasn't it?" he said. "My mate called me at the crack of dawn saying 'I've got some news for you.'

"I thought he was lying of course when he said we'd won division one. Then I told him 'well, I've got some even better news for you. I put the Lotto on as well, thinking it was my week.

"We were both just flabbergasted to be honest with you. It's absolutely surreal."

The pair said they would both resign and retire together and planned to go holiday. The winning tickets were bought at Mt Barker and Reynella.