HOTEL TWIST: 'Patient Zero' was not a security guard


Emails have emerged showing it wasn't a misbehaving security guard who sparked Victoria's second wave of infections, but a night duty manager at the Rydges Hotel on Swanston St.

According to The Age, the night duty manager became "patient zero" after coming down with a fever on May 25 and testing positive the next day.

Other staff and security guards were sent home immediately to isolate but it was too late, with five guards testing positive and spreading the virus to their families.

It's unclear how the manager became infected - it's presumed he caught it from a returned traveller - but there is no suggestion of any improper behaviour.


Meanwhile, the truth about Victoria's hotel quarantine program may have been recorded.

Key discussions about the program would have been recorded if normal protocols were followed, the paper suggests.

These recordings will likely be available to the inquiry looking into the quarantine scheme, and could include discussions in late March over whether or not to use Australian Defence Force personnel for hotel security.

After a spike in cases on Wednesday, Victoria has recorded a big drop in cases on Thursday with 278 new infections and eight deaths.