Horses run wild in Beef Capital

HOLD your horses, the Beef Capital has slid back in time to the wild west.

It was a Rocky ride for some brumbies who wandered near the Horsley family home in The Sanctuary Estate in Norman Gardens.

Not that Emily and Jack Horsley mind horsing around.

The pair, along with their dad, Terry, and mum, Kristin, noticed the brumbies from Mt Archer National Park wandering the area in the last few weeks.

Terry joked the wild horses seemed to consider The Sanctuary their peaceful haven as well.

He said he had seen early morning walkers go within 20 metres from the horses, but the animals seemed peaceful.

Terry speculated they may have come down in search of food and water.

Leigh Harris, the Department of Environment and Resource Management regional manager Capricornia, advised people to be careful if they saw the horses and not to feed them.

Rockhampton Regional Council said they had not received any complaints about the horses and advised the community to contact DERM if they had any concerns.


Wild horses wandering in Norman Gardens from Mt Archer National Park

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