Goondoon Street in Gladstone. Photo Lachie Millard
Goondoon Street in Gladstone. Photo Lachie Millard

‘Hope you’ve apologised to mum’: Boxer’s embarrassment

A 21-YEAR-old boxer's mum had to intervene when he refused to move on when ordered by police, a court was told.

Elijah Riccardo James Warde pleaded guilty to contravening a police direction in a Safe Night Precinct.

Police Prosecutor Kelvin Boyd said Warde was on Goondoon St on February 15 at 12.23am after leaving the Yacht Club and was observed yelling at a female to "f--k off home".

Police approached Warde who had been drinking at a 30th and told him to move on from the precinct for six hours.

Warde made it clear he wanted to keep drinking and became argumentative before his mother intervened. Warde became abusive towards her.

Defence Lawyer Brandon Selic said his client was a scaffolder who had recently broken his thumb and was unable to work.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella told Warde he needed to work out his relationship with alcohol, noting a history of public nuisance offences.

Warde said he normally didn't drink due to his boxing and this was a one-off occurrence.

Mr Kinsella said it was embarrassing his mum had to become involved.

"I hope you've apologised to mum," he said.

Warde was fined $450 and a conviction was recorded.