Home invasion offender sent back to jail... again!

SINCE the age of 10, Jason Luke Lander has spent 75% of his life either in children's detention or prison.

And, unfortunately, that trend is to continue for the foreseeable future with the 30-year-old jailed for another three-and-a-half years after appearing before Toowoomba District Court.

Lander pleaded guilty to a number of charges arising from a violent home invasion at Hodgson Vale on May 19 last year.

The court heard the victim couple, both in their 50s, was having a morning cuppa inside their Pendoma Dr home when, without warning, Lander smashed his way through their front glass panel door with a garden fork he had taken from the yard.


After threatening the terrified occupants, including making the man kneel on the floor, Lander was handed the keys to the couple's utility parked outside.

He took the utility and drove across Toowoomba, abandoning the vehicle outside a block of units in McGregor St, Wilsonton.

Police who found the utility eventually apprehended Lander after a short foot chase.

The two victims were not physically harmed, the court heard.


Having only been released from his most recent stint in jail, Lander was on parole at the time and was immediately taken back into custody where he remained until fronting court this week.

Because of his criminal history, Lander was likely to serve out the whole of the jail sentence he was subject to before the home invasion and any penalty he received for the home invasion would be cumulative to that, the court heard.

Judge Paul Smith noted the 30-year-old wasn't due for release on his previous sentence until late next year and took the total amount of time Lander would spend in custody into consideration when arriving at an appropriate penalty.

On the home invasion and unlawful use of the couple's utility charges, Lander was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail - the sentence to commence at the conclusion of his current term.

Judge Smith ordered Lander be eligible to apply for release on parole as of June 19 next year.