Moore Park More Than Just a Beach: A Short History is now available for purchase.
Moore Park More Than Just a Beach: A Short History is now available for purchase.

History written for Moore Park Beach community

A LOCAL historian has compiled a new history book about of the region's coastal communities.

The book, titled Moore Park More Than Just a Beach: A Short History was launched on Tuesday.

The Moore Park Beach Community Association launched the first edition of the book at their AGM.

It was researched and written by Ross Peddlesden, a former ABC Wide Bay producer, manager and regional manager.

The Moore Park Beach Community Association president Shanelle Pekin said the book came about after a resident wasn't able to find much information about the area while researching.

"He contacted the libraries and couldn't find anything," she said.

"It took them 18 months to complete, there was hundreds of hours of researching, interviewing and fact checking to bring it to this point."

Ms Pekin said the book was a great piece of history to have.

"We're very, very lucky to have been given the book," she said.

"It mentions there were four indigenous groups in our area, it goes into the original land owners.

"It also talks about the importance of the Moore Park Beach Surf Club when it was established in 1954, the bowls club and our association."

She said the book also speaks about Isaac Moore, one of the area's founders.

"It's got really good maps in there, there's a map in there from 1902 and the front cover is a drone shot that was taken in May, so it's the most up-to-date photo we could find of the area," she said.

"It's got some really good old photos in there as well of families and what Moore Park Beach used to look like."

Ms Pekin said so far the book had been really well received by the community.

"It's been welcomed, everyone has been excited that there was a book about Moore Park Beach," she said.

"We kept it quiet up until Saturday and launched a pre-order and we were getting pre-orders every few minutes on our website.

"We weren't expecting that."

The money raised from book sales will be used to promote MPB and help meet the needs of its residents.

The book is on sale for $18 and can be posted anywhere in Australia for a flat rate of $6.

It can be purchased at the "Pink House" and "The Hub" in Moore Park Beach.

The Bundaberg Tourism Office will also have copies for sale.

Interested readers can email