THE END IS NIGH: Sam Thaiday
THE END IS NIGH: Sam Thaiday John McCutcheon

'His time is up!' It's bye bye for fan fave Thaiday

WAYNE Bennett has made one of the toughest calls of his 40-year coaching career by telling Sam Thaiday he will not be re-signed by the Broncos.

Thaiday - one of Brisbane's greatest servants - will be forced into retirement at the end of next year unless he opts to continue his 15-year NRL career with another club.

Almost three decades ago, the super coach famously axed Wally Lewis as Brisbane captain in a move that eventually led to the Queensland Origin icon signing with the Gold Coast.

Now Bennett has made another gut-wrenching call by privately advising Thaiday the 32-year-old would not be retained when his contract expired at the end of next year.

The Brisbane coach has enormous respect for Thaiday's glittering contribution and is working on post-football employment for the 269-game warhorse.

"Next year will be the end for Sam with us, he knows that," Bennett said.


What do you think about this? Do you think Bennett made a good call? Here's what you said on Facebook:


Anthony Trevor - "His time is up! I think he knows it. He will retire after next year."


Lindsay Morgan - "Sam, go to another team. Bennett has no loyalty for you. Bad decision."


Carmel Bogdan - "He'll get offers elsewhere if he decides not to retire. Not a smart move by Bennett."


Melissa Zeidler - "No wrong decision, he belongs with the Broncs."


Cameron Beswick - "Bit of a shock! But Sam will be with us until end of next year."


Archie Douglas - "33 next year. That's getting on a bit in professional footy, especially forwards. If they resign him they miss out on signing the younger forwards who come cheaper and can be moulded into stars. I'm gonna miss him but we have about 30+ more games with him over this year and next. Be thankful he wasn't like Nathan Peats and shipped off with a couple of days notice. Stephanie Suter - "I agree... kind of hope he retires and doesn't go to another team though."


Monica Jordan - "Perhaps he has more to offer to the club than playing."


Dell Sharpe - "Sammy was always not playing for the Broncos after 2018. It's all rubbish what's going on with the media. I hope he doesn't go to another club, I couldn't bear to watch him play there. Always been a big fan of Sammy."


Andrew Heilbronn Biddle - "Thaiday forever, Queenslander!"