The Gin Gin ambulance station will receive a new Mercedes ambulance.
The Gin Gin ambulance station will receive a new Mercedes ambulance. Alistair Brightman

High alert ... as the ambos raise the roof

THE Gin Gin ambulance station is raising its roof to make way for a new state-of-the-art ambulance truck.

The vehicle storage shed at the Gin Gin base will need to be raised nearly 2m to accommodate a Mercedes Sprinter dual-stretcher ambulance in a couple of weeks.

Bigger, longer and taller was the way Gin Gin ambulance officer Ty Blissett described the station's upcoming addition.

"At the moment, we have two different kinds of vehicles - it will be a move up to date with the rest of the fleet," Mr Blissett said.

"The service is getting away from the older trucks."

The Gin Gin ambulance station has a Ford double-stretcher ambulance and a single-stretcher Mercedes.

The Ford will be replaced with the new Mercedes in a couple of weeks.

"There seems to be a trend to go to the Mercedes," Mr Blissett said.

The ambulance officer said he was "over six feet tall" and could easily stand up inside the new medical vehicle.

The new ambulance will be two metres high inside.

Mr Blissett said the appropriate renovation was being made to the storage sheds at the Gin Gin ambulance station.

"They're just doing all the adjustments," the Gin Gin ambulance officer said.

Mr Blissett said the construction had started a couple of weeks ago.

"The roof's on," Mr Blissett said.

The new set of wheels will allow the five staff at the ambulance office to carry out their life-saving work in a more modern vehicle.

"We've been as far as Rosedale, Mt Perry and beyond and as far as Miriam Vale," he said.

"We go where we're needed."