Jason Hetherington takes us inside Qld’s Camp Maroon

ROCKHAMPTON'S Jason Hetherington has put his Maroons' trainer's shirt on for the eighth time.

Since 2008, the former Capras' coach has been a major part of the coaching and training staff on the Queensland State of Origin team.

And this year is no different, with Jason in Sydney with the 18 players for tonight's big game.

Jason, 45, yesterday took us inside the camp.

"We started off at Central Cove in Brisbane and we're now in Parramatta," he said.

"We've been training and preparing for the game but it's also about team bonding as we have a couple of new faces on the team."

Jason said the majority of the side had been together for close to 10 years.

"This camp is not necessarily about training them hard before the game; it's about their preparation emotionally, mentally and physically. It's also a nice time for the boys to relax because we all get nerves and deal with them differently."

Jason said he couldn't put his finger on any single player outshining the others.

"The win could come down to a bit of individual brilliance but it's always a team effort. Last year was my first experience of a loss and it didn't feel good so I've got my confidence in this team."