Expect to see military personnel in Bundaberg until Saturday.
Expect to see military personnel in Bundaberg until Saturday. Staff Sgt. T. T. Parish

Here's why you might see the military in Bundy

BE ALERT but not alarmed, that's the message from the Australian Defence Force as military personnel role into town as part of Exercise Talisman Sabre.

Arriving yesterday, and until Saturday, the defence force will conducting activities in the Bundaberg region as a part of the combined Australian and United States Exercise Talisman Sabre, with increased activity around the airport.

"During this time, local residents can expect to see and hear military personnel and equipment moving around the town and surrounding areas as well as increased air-traffic at the Bundaberg Regional Airport,” it said in a statement.

"Bundaberg locals are encouraged to be alert to military activity over the time, but not alarmed.

"The Australian Defence Force's ability to respond quickly to domestic and world events is a result of its high training standards and the activities conducted in and around the local area are integral to maintaining this standard.

"Every effort is made to reduce disruption caused by Defence training activities and we thank the community for its willingness to support and work with us during this time.”