A New Year is upon us and let’s hope it’s without drama.
A New Year is upon us and let’s hope it’s without drama.

Here’s cheers to a truly boring 2020

THE morning after the night before can be a revelation.

For the first time in decades, I woke up yesterday fairly well-rested and without a hangover.

Part of the reason was that, as a member of the dedicated Daily newsroom team, I had a 7am start. So apart from a restaurant dinner and re-run of the movie Jersey Boys, my New Year’s Eve was uneventful.

But I soon realised there was much more to my unusual disinterest in the celebrations.

The past few months, the pages of the Daily and our online space have seen so much tragedy in our neighbourhoods, natural disasters and heartache, I think I am in the throes of emotional fatigue.

I have so much empathy for the strangers who have lost loved ones, seen irreplaceable keepsakes burn in the rubble of their fire-torn homes, and who are valiantly fighting disease or are down on their luck.

I cry for the parents, children and mates who lose loved ones on the roads or to violence in their own homes.

I see vision of the walls of flames firefighters throughout the country are being faced with and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I see salt-of-the-earth people raising funds for charity, who later find themselves grappling with life-threatening disease. And there’s nothing I can do.

Celebrating life and a new year somehow felt a little off this time. I’m a glass half-full person and personally had a great 2019. But my wish for 2020 is for a boring year — one with fewer dramas for Coast residents, a major cut in the national road toll, no drought or flooding rains. And I’ll raise my early morning coffee cup instead to everyone’s good health and happiness.