The ambulance out the front of Doris Symes house.
The ambulance out the front of Doris Symes house. QAS

Heartwarming moment paramedics give special gift to woman

A GRAINY photo shared to the Queensland Ambulance Service's Facebook page has revealed the heart-warming moment paramedics gave a special gift to 86 year old Doris Symes. 

The photo was taken by Doris' grandchildren, who were following behind the Doris' Patient Transport Vehicle. 

"This photo is more than a bright blue sky and a leafy green suburban street. This photo tells a story we all need to hear right now," a QAS spokesperson said. 

"Doris Symes, 86 years old, was last week being transported from hospital in Toowoomba to respite care, as she was unable to continue living in the home that had housed her and her family for more than 50 years."

As Doris was being transported, her granddaughter, known as Bec, shared with paramedics that she had lived in that home for 50 years. 

"With that, they took the time to drive by her house in Rangeville to help her with her final goodbyes," Bec said.

"The officers pulled up to her curb and sat outside for a moment. As Nan's eyesight had started to fail, they told her what they could see...right down to the tin on the roof, the name of her house, Pop's car in her garage and the trees in her garden. 

"(One paramedic) told Nan she could see 'a loving family home full of wonderful memories and the most beautiful garden'."

The other paramedic then asked Doris is her roses had a beautiful smell.

"Nan replied yes," Bec said.

"Without hesitation, he left his driver's seat to cut her a rose so she could smell them one last time.

"They waited a little while, and in her own good time she said 'I am ready to go now'... and off we went. And in true typical Nan style, she whispered to them both 'I thank ya very much'..."

Just over a day later, Doris passed away peacefully in her sleep, with grandchildren Bec, Katie and Jeremy by her side. 

"Stopping to smell the roses never had more meaning," a QAS spokesperson said. 

"As many of us look to our homes for safety and comfort at this time in our lives, take a moment to smell that rose in the garden you grew, look up at the sky and glance at that old tin roof that houses your family, your pets, your possessions and admire the car in the garage."

"Lets take a moment and take the time to appreciate what we have, not what we have lost. In doing so, and in the tender words of Doris Symes 'I thank ya very much'."