FORGET the action, the goals and the players - it's the fans that have won this year's World Cup!

A young Polish fan was left devastated after his side was knocked out of the tournament courtesy of a 3-0 loss to Colombia in Group H.

Absolutely heartbroken, the youngster couldn't hide his emotions and the tears streamed down his face as he clutched on to his father's shoulder.

Then a cry of 'Polska, Polska' went up - a reminder to the boy that though today he felt the pain of defeat, tomorrow offers the hope of victory.

However, it wasn't Poland fans singing to the boy, but the supporters who vanquished them to defeat: The Colombians.

In footage shared by his father, Iain Meiklejohn, the Colombian fans can be seen singing, dancing and patting the boys head in an attempt to cheer him up.

"Wee man was in tears after Poland getting eliminated from the World Cup," Meiklejohn wrote on Twitter. "The Colombian fans were absolutely fantastic with him after the game - easily the best group of supporters I've ever sat with."