RUBY: The gem of a pup lost her battle with parvo.
RUBY: The gem of a pup lost her battle with parvo.

Heartbreak as little Ruby dies in rescuer's arms

THE puppy that captured the hearts of the Bundaberg community sadly passed away today.

Ruby was picked up by police after she was kicked and tortured by juveniles and taken to Monto, where the Bundaberg Red Collar Rescue team picked the fur baby up.

While in the care of the local team, the pup was diagnosed with parvo and spent several days excreting roundworms before the horrid disease killed her.

Lisa Marriott was holding the beloved pup when she passed and is urging everyone to vaccinate their dogs for Ruby's sake.

"She was behind the eight-ball with a huge worm infestation - parvo will kill a perfectly healthy dog and she was only 1.8kg and very sick,” she said.

"She was unhealthy and didn't have the strength to fight the parvo because she'd lost so much fluid and nutrients vomiting the worms up.

"One of the saddest parts was at the vets, you could hear a dog in the room next to hers wagging his tale and she couldn't even do that because it had been chopped off.”

Ms Marriott said as sick as she was, Ruby's caring nature shone through despite the torment she had to endure.