Brisbane Valley Tavern owner Nikki Amante.
Brisbane Valley Tavern owner Nikki Amante.

'Can you believe it?': 9th jackpot win for tavern

LUCK has struck again at the region's luckiest tavern, which celebrated another major pokies jackpot on Sunday.

"It's our ninth jackpot win, can you believe it?" Brisbane Valley Tavern owner Nikki Amante said.

"It's so good to see someone's face when they win, he was jumping up and down."

The latest winner was a local man who wished to remain anonymous, and made off with a hefty $10,443.06 sum.

This is the tavern's second jackpot of the New Year, with another winner claiming $11,173.56 in January.

Seven other jackpots have been won at the tavern since the machines were first introduced in June last year.

Lucky punters aren't the only ones having fun at the tavern, which has recently expanded its services in exciting new ways, with DJ's on Saturday nights, and other entertainment on Friday evenings.

"It's happening every Friday, except when there's a holiday or something," Nikki said.

"We've done a few already, and it's been really good."

But this isn't the only way the tavern is planning to engage with the community, with the launch of a new alcohol home-delivery service.

"It's part of how we're going to build our standing with the community," Nikki said.

"We put the machines in last year, we're starting the entertainment, now we'll be doing delivery."