Alby Hill died at a unit here in 2013 and now his friend is on trial for murder.
Alby Hill died at a unit here in 2013 and now his friend is on trial for murder. Megan Mackander

He fought for life as mate strangled him, witness tells

AS ALBY Hill lay dead, the man accused of murdering him allegedly said: "He was going to do it to himself anyway, so let's go to the pub".

Nigel Robert Hill, 38, known as Alby, died at an Alexandra Headland unit in February 2013.

Prosecutors say Kaius Patrick Cummins strangled his mate in a jealous frenzy.

But defence counsel Simon Lewis said a woman sparked Mr Cummins's rage with a sexual accusation.

At Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday, Mr Cummins pleaded not guilty.

His former sister-in-law, Chynelle Cummins, said she and "Kai" were "good friends, nothing more, nothing less" in 2013.

She lived in Adelaide but would visit Mr Cummins and the two stayed at Mr Hills's unit for a few days.

She said Mr Hill had been depressed because of work struggles and an unwell relative.

A tearful Ms Cummins said Kai was suspicious one night after she and Alby went for a walk.

She said Mr Cummins repeatedly punched Mr Hill then strangled him with a TV cable.

"Kai had a cord ... I don't know where it came from."

She said Alby tried pulling the cable away from his neck but could not.

"I said 'Please stop'."

She said Mr Cummins then said Alby was going to kill himself anyway, "So let's go to the pub."

Mr Lewis suggested Ms Cummins choked Mr Hill with the TV cable because she thought he "sexually assaulted" her.

And he added: "You told [Mr Cummins] Alby had stuck his fingers in you."

Ms Cummins rejected that.

Mr Lewis said some of Ms Cummins's statements suggested she did nothing to help, but went out for a cigarette.

He said her DNA was found on the TV cable, whereas Mr Cummins's was not.

Prosecutor Clayton Wallis said "the most primal motive, as old as time itself" compelled a jealous Mr Cummins to kill after a day spent drinking cask wine.

"Alby was a man...somewhat down on his luck [but] not so sad that he would beat himself senseless."

The trial continues. -NewsRegional