Nicholas Falconer

Have you paid too much? Woman urges people to check eftpos

A BUNDABERG woman is urging shoppers to check how much they are paying at the checkout after she says she was charged a rounded up figure despite paying by Eftpos.

Jan O'Loughlin said she first noticed a customer in front of her charged the rounded up figure when paying with a card then the same thing happened to her twice before she spoke up.

"When I refused to pay the rounded up amount the cashier changed the amount," she said.

"Two different staff served me so it wasn't the same staff member.

"I don't know if the staff aren't being trained correctly or if they even know that they shouldn't be rounding Eftpos transactions."

Ms O'Loughlin said she realised it was only a few cents but she said a few cents each transaction multiplied by every customer soon added up.

"Individually this is a small amount; a few cents here and there won't hurt too much. But quantify this by regular occurrences over a large number of people and over time, this becomes a far more significant issue with a flow of money being leached out from the community and ending up who knows where," she said.

"I don't want this to become normalised and that's the way it is when it's not.

"It's frightening to think of the amount of money big businesses could be getting."

Ms O'Loughlin said she has been shopping at the store for five years and never thought to double check the Eftpos transaction for rounding before, but now she wanted to warn everyone to look at how much they were being charged before they simply swiped or inserted their cards.

The NewsMail contacted the store manager who said he was unaware how a customer paying by Eftpos could be charged a rounded up or down figure.

He said their tills and Eftpos machines were linked and if the cashier selected cash as the payment option the figure automatically rounded but if Eftpos was selected the amount remained exactly as it was.

He said even if the cashier hit cash first and then changed it to Eftpos, the figure automatically adjusted.

Consumers should contact stores directly with a receipt if they believe they have been incorrectly charged.