Arj Barker bringing his new comedy to Bundaberg

IT WAS 20 years ago when Arj Barker first met comedy and they have been together ever since.

"She is a feisty one that comedy, but I love her," he said.

Barker is on the road with his new show Go Time, and on October 10 he will be at the Moncrieff Theatre.

It has been two years since his last Australian tour and Barker is one of Australia's favourite American comedians.

In recent years he has spent more time in our country than his own and has come to understand our culture perhaps better than we understand ourselves.

"What audiences expect from me and the last thing they expect from me, which if my calculations are correct, will make for a great show."

Modestly Barker admits the feedback for his show has been really positive with many letting him know their faces hurt from laughing so much.

"I am going to injure your face, not in a serious way, but you are going to have sore cheekbones," he said.

While he loves to make people laugh, Barker likes to always have a positive message among the gags.

"I have never forgotten that I am a comedian and it is my job to make people laugh, but I like a good message in a joke."

Barker admits he has always received a warm reception from his Australian fans.

"I have more fans here than I do in my own country," he said with a laugh.

"I have made many great friends over here and it is wonderful that I am really lucky this country likes me."

He said when it came to the difference in Australian and American humour it wasn't so black and white.

Barker believes Australians have a dry and sarcastic sense of humour, which is like his. "I am naturally sarcastic so it is a good fit."

Being a comedian is tough when you are first starting out but Barker would recommend comedy to anyone.

"You have the freedom to make your own hours and you love to travel and can make a living; go for it. I have a suitcase in the right hand as we speak," he said.