AVO GO: Shane Olsen at Beemart says avos should go from about $4 each to less than $2.
AVO GO: Shane Olsen at Beemart says avos should go from about $4 each to less than $2. SImon Young

Harvest to smash avocado prices

ABOUT 2.5 million trays of avocados will be harvested from a Bundaberg farm starting next month, part of an influx of the prized fruit that will bring relief from sky-high prices.

The monster crop, totalling about 15,000 tonnes, will be picked at Donovan Family Farms through to June and will be supplied Australia-wide, helping ease financial pressure on smashed avo lovers.

Grower Lachlan Donovan said prices would drop as soon as picking started.

"At the moment we're transitioning out of the old season and into the new," Mr Donovan said.

"The supply is currently coming from Western Australia and New Zealand, and their seasons finish in January so this in between period is where prices increase.

"North Queensland crops are able to develop a few weeks earlier due to the heat in those regions, and Central Queensland crops will be available soon after."

Avocados take about seven months to grow, with the Shepard variety maturing first in late February and March, and Hass coming online from April.

Mr Donovan said it was important consumers understood avocados were a seasonal fruit and, while they can be grown all year round throughout Australia, there would be delays with transportation and weather conditions.

Limited crops and storms in New Zealand saw prices skyrocket to up to $80 a tray last week.

Shane Olsen from Beemart said it was a case of supply and demand, and the new season would see avocado prices halved.

"At the moment we're selling avocados for $3.99 each but that will drop to around $1.69 each in two to three weeks' time as we receive new produce," Mr Olsen said.

Mr Olsen said Beemart had four varieties of avocados available at the moment and would soon stock local avocados grown at Simpson Farms and Donovan Family Farms.