Work pays off for Bundy's schools

BUNDABERG high schools are sending more eligible students to university thanks to some of the best Year 12 results in the past few years.

The results, released today by Education Queensland, saw 98% of students from both Bundaberg and Kepnock high schools who applied for university win a place — up from 85% and 83% respectively.

Bundaberg High principal Raelene Fysh said one telling factor was improved monitoring of students’ progress over the past year.

She said by using a program to predict their OP score early in the year, it gave students a boost of encouragement.

“It also gives a realistic view of what they can achieve and helps them to decide what path they can take at university,” she said.

Ms Fysh said the individual monitoring also helped students who were completing vocational courses.

“We found that a lot of students were only one or two competencies short of finishing, so by working with them all we were able to make sure they finished,” she said.

Ms Fysh said the school had also emphasised the importance of attending every class.

Kepnock High School principal Jenny Maier said the tertiary acceptance results were “terrific”.

“A vast improvement on previous years’ data – 100% will be even better,” she said.

“It shows that our program of closely monitoring and supporting students’ performance over the senior years is paying dividends.”

Within the Bundaberg region, only Bundaberg Christian College, Isis District, Monto, and Rosedale high schools received 100% acceptance rates for those who had applied to university.

Bundaberg Christian College principal Mark Bensley said the school was focusing on trying to provide students with a vocational option as well as the option to complete an OP.

“The big thing is we have systems to encourage students and systems to help students improve,” he said.

Of the 37 students who graduated from the school last year, 34 were OP eligible and 19 received some kind of vocational qualification.

St Luke’s Anglican School principal Martin Oates and Shalom College principal Dan McMahon both said they were pleased with the students’ performance in 2010.

See a PDF with a full list of results from all Wide Bay Burnett schools