Hanson demands changes to child support


PAULINE Hanson is demanding an overhaul to the "broken" child support system that is "creating a lifestyle" for custodial parents off the back off exes who "work their guts out".

Senator Hanson will urge the Morrison Government to recalibrate the system, so that the child support owed by non-custodial parents - mostly men - is based on a 38-hour week, allowing overtime payments and the earnings from a second job to be quarantined.

"I hear daily complaints from non-custodial parents, who are predominately men, tell me that they are being fleeced by their former partners who often deny access to the child, yet reap large proportions of their former partners before-tax earnings, who never fully benefit the child," Senator Hanson said.

Senator Pauline Hanson talks to the media at Parliament House in Canberra today. Picture: Gary Ramage
Senator Pauline Hanson talks to the media at Parliament House in Canberra today. Picture: Gary Ramage

Senator Hanson - key to the Government getting contentious legislation passed in the Senate - is ramping up her demands for an inquiry into family law, an issue repeatedly raised with One Nation at the May election.

Senator Hanson was hurt and unimpressed with the Prime Minister for preferencing against One Nation in this year's election campaign. It is understood the Government is trying to rebuild a relationship with One Nation.

Attorney-General Christian Porter has been sent Senator Hanson's terms of reference. She wants to co-chair a joint Parliamentary Committee that would run for 12 months.

Some parents have come to private child support agreement. Others are calculated by the Human Services Department. There are almost 632,000 parents who receive child support.

Generally, the amount of child support is determined by each parents' percentage of care and their individual income.

Senator Hanson said the system was unfair.

"The current system is broken when you have non-custodial parents barely able to survive on what's left in their pay packet after child support has come out, especially if they've managed to establish a new relationship and family.

"(It) penalises non-custodial parents who work overtime, take on a second job and are forced to pay the custodial parent, based on before-tax earnings.

"Why should a person who decides to work their guts out on their days off, lose an enormous chunk of that money?"

"It not only deters a person from putting in the hard yards, but it prevents the non-custodial parent from getting back on their feet and ahead in life."

She has also called for a new formula based on schooling age - prep, primary and high school.

"If the Government agrees to this inquiry, it's important we take it to areas right across the country and not just to the major cities.

"All Australians deserve a voice on our broken family law system so I'm prepared to go to far-reaching parts of the country to hear from them."