MEDALLIST: Coral Isle Cyclist John Hampson finished third at the state titles.
MEDALLIST: Coral Isle Cyclist John Hampson finished third at the state titles. Mike Knott BUN230817CYCLE7

Hampson gains bronze at Masters state champs

CYCLING: Sometimes in life taking a risk doesn't always yield the right results you want.

Coral Isle Cyclist John Hampson found that out the hard way at the Queensland Senior Road Championships last Saturday.

Competing in the Masters Men 8 event he took out third, but it could have been so much better.

As Hampson explains, an attack halfway through the race didn't work out perfectly from him.

"We took off on the 65km journey and for the first lap nothing is happening,” he said.

"So I took off eight to 10 kilometres in on the second lap and stayed out for 20km before being caught in a head wind.”

Hampson then made one final attack, on the last lap, with one-and-a-half kilometres to go.

It didn't work either.

"There was a sharp corner at the end and they just got me,” he said.

"I did too much in the end.”

Finishing in a sprint, Hampson wasted too much energy to challenge winner Jeffrey Liddell and Peter Jansen who finished second.

Hampson wasn't too disappointed to finish third and had no regrets.

"I hate it when people sit behind you and you do nothing,” he said.

"They all do the same thing and go round and round.

"I tried to do a plan and it didn't work, in the end they only just defeated me.”

Hampson will now prepare for the national titles, set to be held in Currumbin on the Surfers Paradise next month.

"I'm going to train a bit harder and lose some weight,” he said.

"If I can get to 85kg it will be more beneficial for me as I'm competing against other riders who are 20 kilos less than me.”

The national titles will be held on October 29.