GST hike weighs heavy on minds for families: survey

LOW to middle income families in NSW are overwhelmingly concerned about a potential increase to the GST, especially if it is applied to food.

A NSW Council of Social Service survey found 86% of families in the low to middle income bracket reported being either very concerned or quite concerned about a GST hike.

NCOSS chief John Mikelsons said Premier Mike Baird's push to increase the tax to 15% should only be used as a final resort.

"We know that it is essential that state governments can raise the revenue they need to pay for the services that everyone relies on," he said.

"We support sensible tax reform that secures the revenue our governments need to pay for these quality services.

"But at a time when almost one in 7 children in NSW are experiencing poverty, and low to middle income families are struggling to meet the rising cost of living, increases to regressive taxes like the GST are the last place we should look for revenue - not the first."