DRUNKEN stupidity could have cost a young Hervey Bay man his life after a decision to punch in a window caused him to lose dangerous amounts of blood.  

Clear CCTV footage shows the shirtless man, fresh from a stoush outside a nearby venue, walking up to the Torquay post office with a closed fist and forcing it through the glass.

Blood is sprayed across the footpath. 

Hervey Bay police confirmed the man staggered across the street where he began to hemorrhage. 

The Chronicle can reveal the punch could have cost the man his life had it not been for quick-thinking guests at a nearby private party.

Luckily, nurses were able to put pressure on the laceration which took up his entire forearm.

The man was taken to hospital for further treatment. Charges have not yet been laid.

Rolf Light, owner of the Torquay Post Office told the Chronicle he arrived at the scene just before midnight to find shattered glass everywhere, drunks vomiting and a young woman passed out on the bench seat.

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