GRISLY ACT: Dead bird found in bizarre 'ritualistic' display

A GRISLY and bizarre find on a morning walk on Tuesday has left one local couple wondering about some of their fellow human beings.

They posted a photo on social media of a dead green and grey bird tied to white plastic coat hanger by a rubber band.


GRISLY: AN apparent act of animal cruelty has left residents in Suffolk Park unnerved.
GRISLY: AN apparent act of animal cruelty. Facebook

"So I was out on my morning walk this morning and came across this poor little guy!" They wrote.

"Originally the coat hanger was hung from the sign but a lady kindly lay the bird on the ground."

The dead bird was pictured laying by some real estate agents signs nearby. In a bizarre twist, a hen's egg inside a plastic lid was laid near the bird.

"The bird's legs are actually tied with a rubber band to the coat hanger! WTF is wrong with some people! And what's with the egg underneath! I am very very quickly losing faith in humans! Sick, sick people!!"

The disturbing pictures caused a flurry of comments with some even speculating it was some sort of ritual or that the perpetrator must have some metal health issues.

One commenter wrote that they believed they had seen the person responsible for killing the bird in the act, hiding in the bushes near their Suffolk Park apartment block that morning.

Many others suggested reporting the incident to the police or RSPCA.