Dean and Luci Bankier outside court. Kevin Bankier was killed by a drunk driver last year at Jubilee Pocket.
Dean and Luci Bankier outside court. Kevin Bankier was killed by a drunk driver last year at Jubilee Pocket. Annette Dew

Grieving family's disgust at lying drunk driver's sentence

A DRUNK driver who killed pedestrian Kevin Bankier lied about his driving and sabotaged attempts to test how alcohol-affected he was, a court has heard.

Mr Bankier's family said the jail sentence Omer Shumuel Itshaky received for the Jubilee Pocket crash was "disgusting".

"I feel worse today than I did when I found out my brother had been killed," brother Dean Bankier said outside Brisbane District Court.

On Friday, Israeli tourist Itshaky was sentenced to five years in jail, to be suspended after 18 months.

"He didn't show any remorse right the way through," Mr Bankier's mother Lucija said.

In a victim impact statement, Mrs Bankier said the death in November last year of her first-born son devastated the family.

"I feel like I've been living two separate lives," she said.

"The one where I put on a mask and continue to do the things that need to be done, and the one where the grief consumes me to the point where I am frozen in a nightmare."

Kevin Bankier would have turned 47 this year.
Kevin Bankier would have turned 47 this year. Annette Dew

The court earlier heard Itshaky, 24, had no idea he killed anybody after his HiAce veered into a turning lane off Shute Harbour Rd about 3am on November 5.

Prosecutor A.R. Baker said Itshaky was seen swerving, then struck Mr Bankier before crashing in a ditch.

An apparent lack of braking was "consistent with the driver losing consciousness," Ms Baker said.

The court heard witnesses arriving to help Itshaky didn't realise a man had been struck.

Even after police arrived nobody discovered Mr Bankier for about an hour.

Itshaky "lied repeatedly" to police and "went so far as to say a friend had been driving," Ms Baker added.

His blood alcohol level of 0.12 per cent "moderately impaired his ability to drive" but Itshaky repeatedly gave insufficient samples to police.

Itshaky pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death while adversely affected, failing to provide a breath specimen, and possessing cannabis.

Defence barrister Jason Todman said Itshaky was deeply remorseful, and referees described him as a decent man.

Judge Paul Smith said military veteran Itshaky was "on a gap year" working at the Hog's Breath Café.

Judge Smith said custody would be difficult for Itshaky as his family lived overseas and wouldn't be able to visit him.

"No doubt Mr'll have to live with this for the rest of your life."

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