Paul Donaldson

Greyhounds to have 'straight tracks' under NSW reforms

GREYHOUND tracks will be made straight rather than oval and the number of dogs in each race reduced, under bold plans being considered by the sport's governing body to cut the number of dogs being killed or hurt while competing.

The plans, which could dramatically change the sport in NSW and end years of tradition, are part of a push to modernise the industry after last year's ban - prompted by the death and injury toll among dogs.

New data suggests about 139 greyhounds died last year of injuries sustained in NSW races.

After taking into account the number of races at each venue, Sydney's Wentworth Park was found to have the lowest death rate, while Tamworth had the highest.

Then premier Mike Baird reversed the greyhound ban last October and Greyhound Racing NSW commissioned a $1 million study by University of Technology Sydney to improve track safety.

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