Pressure is mounting on Premier Mike Baird to soften his stance on banning all greyhound racing from July 2017.
Pressure is mounting on Premier Mike Baird to soften his stance on banning all greyhound racing from July 2017. Ken Drake

Greyhound Taskforce head tried to quit job

THE man tasked with overseeing the New South Wales greyhound industry's transition to shut-down tried to quit the job a month ago because he opposed the ban.

The Daily Telegraph reported a leaked letter from Dr John Keniry to Premier Mike Baird outlined his problems with the industry closure, but he was eventually convinced to stay in the role.

Dr Keniry was appointed co-ordinator general of the Greyhound Transition Taskforce in July and put in charge of creating a support and compensation package for trainers and others in the industry left out of pocket.

The draft compensation package is due to go before the government next week.

Dr Keniry acknowledged the letter existed but would not budge on details.

"Well that's a letter from me to the Premier's office. I'm not talking about that. I'm still there," he told the Daily Telegraph.

Opposition Leader Luke Foley told ABC radio on Tuesday Mr Baird should rethink his hard-line position on banning greyhound racing.

"Dr Keniry's letter to the Premier should be the wake-up call that will get Mike Baird to see sense, change course," he said.

There were rumours Mr Baird would soften his stance and perhaps delay the industry shut-down date after a Newspoll last week revealed his net satisfaction rating had dropped from 39 points to negative seven point s- the biggest fall for any premier outside of Tasmania in Newspoll's history.

But he declared the date was "locked in" despite growing disunity within the Liberals and Nationals ranks.

Mr Foley told ABC he feared "stubborn pride" was stopping the Premier from changing tack.


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