WINNER: Kevin Bryant with No Easy Beat, one of the winners on the first day of TAB racing in Bundy.
WINNER: Kevin Bryant with No Easy Beat, one of the winners on the first day of TAB racing in Bundy. Mike Knott BUN130519GREY14

Greyhound broadcasting off and racing in Bundaberg

EXPOSURE for Bundaberg is off and racing - Sky Racing will broadcast the city's Monday greyhound races every week as of yesterday.

The broadcasting goes worldwide and opens the doors of opportunity for the region.

Bundaberg Regional Council sport and recreation spokeswoman Helen Blackburn said it was a big day for greyhound racing in Bundaberg.

"It's a great day for the Greyhound Association in Bundaberg and the community as well, they are able to have access to additional funding to their organisation and it brings more money into our region,” Cr Blackburn said.

"This is an event that is streamed across the entire world.

"We're getting a lot of media for our little town through this one event.

"It's held every week for 52 weeks a year, so it's fantastic for the region.”

The broadcasting also brings economic benefits.

"Each of these races raises a significant amount of money through the TAB and a percentage of that comes back through the greyhound club and there's higher prize money,” Cr Blackburn said.

"We also get people coming in from out of town to race their dogs and they need accommodation, so every week now there will be people coming who will need accommodation on the Sunday night and Monday night, they'll be eating here and adding to our economy.”

Cr Blackburn said the races also brought opportunities for the local tourism industry.

"It does allow opportunity if people decide to stay longer and also if they bring people who have never been here before,” she said.

"I know there were racers there who travelled 11 hours to be there and that's a really big commitment to the sport and the racing of their animals.

"I think that's fantastic for our region to have people travelling so far to come to Bundaberg.”

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