Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney
Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney Brenda Strong

Greenpeace condemns port's expansion

GREENPEACE has condemned the expansion of Central Queensland's Abbot Point Coal Terminal while campaigning to protect the Great Barrier Reef in the state's north.

The comments followed an announcement by Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney on Wednesday to have mining giant Anglo American Coal and a joint venture with Lend Lease and Aurizon develop new coal-loading terminals.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Louise Matthiesson said the government was "rubbing salt into the wounds" of environmentalists, fishermen, residents and tourism groups who were against the port's expansion.

"The current proposal involves dredging millions of tonnes of seabed in important fishing grounds, and dumping the spoil in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park," she said.

"This new AP-X development would repeat the same problems."

Exporting coal is one of the key drivers of climate change, which comes back to bite us in the form of more extreme weather events and coral bleaching."

Mr Seeney said any expansion of Abbot Point would be of the world's highest environmental standards.

Greenpeace plans to sail its Rainbow Warrior ship to Abbot Point next week.