Great White Shark
Great White Shark

Great white shark keeps NSW beaches closed five days

A FIVE-METRE great white shark has kept beaches in New South Wales closed for the fifth day in  a row.

The Newcastle City Council said all Newcastle beaches will remain closed for swimming, surfing and other water activities due to safety concerns related to the spotting of a large shark in area waters.

The Great White shark, spotted over the weekend at Merewether and Nobbys, has been seen moving between Stockton Beach and Nobbys Beach.

Estimates have the near fully-grown shark at about 1700kg.

The council said would like to have a 24-hour period with no sightings before beaches are again opened.

The most recent sighting was by those on board a police vessel off Burwood and Merewether beaches.

"We ask for everyone's cooperation in remaining out of the water at our beaches until lifeguards are satisfied that the shark has moved out of area waters,'' the council said.

''Our lifeguards emphasise that this Great White shark is of a size that has not been seen before around Newcastle.

''It is not safe for board riders to be out in the water, even close to shore, as sharks are known to move into the surf zone, hunting prey between where the surf breaks and the shoreline.''

The statement said council lifeguards were warning beachgoers not to go in the water, with lifeguards working extended hours to warn anyone coming for a swim after work who may not be aware of the danger.

Lifeguards will continue to patrol the waters on jet skis throughout the day looking for the shark.