LETTER: What's the real reason we're getting fat?

IN RECENT times, there has been much debate about the obesity issue, and what is causing so many people to be so overweight.

Many people have concluded that sugar is the culprit; is that right? Could it be chemicals?

Folks, I am inclined to think that it is a combination of factors that are responsible for obesity, diabetes, cancer, and all the other maladies that today's society is cursed with.

Most sugar used in the home or commercial sector is refined white sugar.

What do you think would help stop obesity?

This poll ended on 16 April 2016.

Current Results

A tax on sugary or fatty foods


Cheaper gyms


Less stress


Walking more and driving less


Cheaper whole foods


People need to work on better self-control


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Anything refined isn't that good, whether it's sugar, white flour, white rice, or anything else that has been highly processed.

Other factors to consider are that as a society today, we are highly stressed.

We live under a constant cloud of a nuclear meltdown either in war or peace, jobs are no longer secure, the cost of living is astronomical, as is housing, we don't exercise enough, we sit at computers all day, and drive everywhere instead of walking, and so on it goes.

My parents had a diet that people would be horrified at today.

Sugar, syrup, white bread and jam, puddings with main meals. Still, very few people in those days were fat, let alone obese.

Most people were thin.

Years ago, you had to be unlucky to have cancer, diabetes, or any other or these serious diseases.

I am of the belief that living in today's world is the cause of so many health problems.

Most of us don't use much sugar any more, we have also chosen better food options, yet we seem to have more health problems than ever.

I have known of people who are strict vegans, no animal products whatsoever, and even restrictions on certain plant foods, like grains and root vegetables, yet they still get cancer.

Diabetes experts also warn that grains, fruit, and root vegetables are too high in the glycaemic index.

I have to wonder if life's worth living?