Govt will compensate 74 Galilee Basin landholders

DEPUTY Premier Jeff Seeney says more than 70 landholders will be affected by the declaration of a new Galilee Basin state development area (SDA).

Last year, the Queensland Government unveiled plans to build two major rail corridors to carry coal from the region to Abbot Point near Bowen in the state's north.

Mr Seeney says the Government can now acquire land needed to build them via compulsory acquisition or agreement.

"The area that we will be declaring will be two corridors - one north-south, one east-west - and it will affect some 74 landholders from 1,400," he told the ABC.

"It will be only six per cent of the original area that was included in the draft SDA.

"We certainly understand that from those 74 landholders there is going to be an issue that we have to work through with very carefully."

Mr Seeney says the State Government will compensate affected landholders.