SIDELINED: Goodna Eagles president and premiership-winning captain Ramon Filipine has been handed a 12 month ban by Rugby League Ipswich.
SIDELINED: Goodna Eagles president and premiership-winning captain Ramon Filipine has been handed a 12 month ban by Rugby League Ipswich. Rob Williams

Goodna president cops 12 month ban

RAMON Filipine believes his recent history of disagreements with Rugby League Ipswich influenced a tribunal decision which resulted in a 12-month ban for the Goodna president.

Filipine was referred directly to the tribunal after he was put on report for a shoulder charge and subsequent contrary conduct toward Junior Yambe in the second half of the Eagles' 16-14 loss to Fassifern on June 30.

"With everything that's happened between me and them (RLI) this year, I knew even if they didn't say it came into play, I had a feeling it did," Filipine said.

"I hope that me being president didn't come into play. It doesn't mean I have a separate set of rules. I'm a player and should be charged the same as everyone else."

Filipine's comments came in reference to a previous decision handed down by the judiciary to dock six competition points from the Eagles for their late forfeit to Swifts in round two.

The Goodna captain said he was "in shock" after he discovered the proposed length of the ban.

Under the stipulations of the ban, Filipine is not allowed to act in an official capacity.

He is allowed into dressing rooms and be around the team, but cannot coach or perform any other game day duties.

The 12-month ban can be reduced to eight months if Filipine agrees to attend anger management classes; something he said he has no intention of doing.

"What grounds was (the ban) on?" Filipine said.

"It's my first offence. It's not like I have a history of being angry.

"I was pretty insulted about it all."

The former Souths Logan Magpie and Ipswich Jet showed footage of the incident from the Fassifern game to previous mentors Josh Hannay and Shane Walker.

"They just can't believe the severity of the suspension," Filipine said.

"(Hannay) was my coach at Souths Logan. I asked him to write a (character) reference, but because of his position as (Maroons) assistant coach, I didn't want him to put his name to something if he felt I really did something wrong.

"I showed him the footage, and asked, 'Are you comfortable to write it?'

"He'll be sending me that reference today."

Filipine said he had not spoken to Yambe since the incident, but believes there is no bad blood between the two players.

"I admit that I was very aggressive (in the tackle on Yambe)," Filipine said.

"But I use that in a game, that's how I play.

"Junior and I, we have a healthy rivalry on the field. After the game we shook hands."

Goodna representatives met with Rugby League Ipswich chairman David Nugent yesterday to get a clearer explanation of the appeal process.

Previously, the RLI chairman - currently Nugent - would hear the appeal. That was recently changed, to be handled by the SEQ division.

Nugent explained the judiciary panel acts autonomously to RLI; similarly to how police charge offenders, and the magistrate prosecutes.

Filipine's confusion at the length of the ban came from the one contrary conduct charge listed on the charge sheet, which Nugent said carried a maximum penalty of four matches.

However, Filipine had multiple contrary conduct charges brought against him - something the Goonda president suggested he was never made aware of.

To that end, Nugent sympathised with Filipine.

"As a president, he had the issue earlier in the year with the forfeit, but as a player he's never gone to the judiciary," Nugent said.

"It's fair to say he was a little under-prepared in terms of putting a defence together.

"Ramon has never been there before. He has an excellent record, as captain and coach of this team. He doesn't condone violence, it's out of character for him.

"I've seen blokes do far worse and get far less."

Nugent agreed the language used by the judiciary panel could have been clearer.

"What they tried to say was, we don't think you should play again until halfway through next year," he said.

"Personally I would have gone with matches. That's something we can work on, as to how we deliver those messages in the future.

"We want to maintain the independence of the judiciary panel. But there is no harm in sitting down at the end of the season and reviewing things."

President pleads his case

RAMON Filipine explained footage of his alleged shoulder charge was shown to the Rugby League Ipswich judiciary tribunal, where he provided his version of events.

"I rewound it frame by frame," Filipine said.

"He comes out of one contact, spins into me, and at the last minute dips his head.

"If he doesn't (dip his head) then we just collide. That's what forces him to go down, because his head comes into contact with my shoulder.

"When he's on the ground, (the tribunal) said I headbutted him. But frame by frame, when I lead with my head it goes into his armpit.

"They charged me with intent, they said my intent was to headbutt him. How are you meant to know what my intent is?"