OPINION: Golden try is answer for the NRL

LIKE everyone else, I was gripped by the amazing drama that unfolded during the epic final minutes of Sunday night's NRL grand final.

But despite the incredible finish to a magnificent game, it hasn't changed my view that golden-point field goals are a tough way to decide a clash, especially where players from both sides have pushed themselves to the limit to win in the allotted 80 minutes.

And clearly it hasn't changed the view of Broncos coach Wayne Bennett either.

The question that has to be asked, however, is: If Anthony Milford had kicked a field goal to give Brisbane victory, would Bennett have spoken out so strongly against golden point? Maybe not.

But in his defence, Bennett has been a staunch opponent of golden point since it was introduced in 2003. "I've never been a fan of golden point. For 100 years we never had golden point," he said.

The Cowboys' historic grand final victory, in front of a record 82,758 fans, sent North Queensland into a state of frenzy.

It was wonderful TV and extraordinary theatre with a feelgood ending for one of the game's all-time greats.

But for me, I'd prefer to see these showpiece games won by a golden try, so the contact, the attrition and the effort of these wonderful players is rewarded, rather than be decided by a player kicking a field goal off an unfortunate error by a fatigued player.

Just keep playing until someone scores a try.

That would be even more exciting for rugby league fans, and a much fairer ending for players who could walk off the field knowing they had a fair chance to win.

Golden point may be here to stay, but it wasn't needed for 100 years and rugby league was no less exciting.